VSO Image Resizer 4

VSO Software announces the release of VSO Image Resizer 4, a major new version of its photo resizing freeware.

VSO Image Resizer 4 is a stand-alone application which will compress, convert, create copies, import, edit or organise a single picture or a whole batch. VSO Image Resizer 4 offers an improved stand-alone usage and a quick access to profiles from the Windows shell extension. The file selection has been revamped, allowing images and folders to be added together to the same project. With the live preview, a major new feature in VSO Image Resizer 4, users can see what the result will look like before actually resizing or converting images. The output can be sent directly by email or be compressed to a zip folder. Finally, the watermark function has been improved with html-like text formatting features.

Photography Blog: VSO Image Resizer 4

Published by Steve Crane

Programmer and amateur photographer.

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