Please note the following: From January 2012, the number of images submitted for Competition will be limited to a maximum of 3 prints and 3 projected images (previously you could submit up to 4 prints and up to 4 projected images). Within each of the prints and projected images sections you may post a maximumContinue reading “AMENDMENT TO THE NUMBER OF IMAGES SUBMITTED FOR COMPETITION AND EVALUATION”

Standards for submitting images

Please note the following requirements regarding images submitted for competition and evaluation. There are some changes (highlighted in yellow) that will come into effect for 2012. Maximum image dimensions are 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels tall, which equates to 1,470,000 pixels or 1.47 megapixels. Images that are too small do not project favourably andContinue reading “Standards for submitting images”

Does Good Photography Come From the Left Brain or the Right Brain?

EarthBound Light asks, Perhaps it’s an oversimplification, but the left brain is generally characterized as being where logical, analytical thinking occurs while the right brain handles emotional, creative thought. So which is the most important in creating good photography? Read the full article

Managing Your Digital Library

Jason Row writes on Light Stalking, Today, there are many options for managing your digital library, some free, some not. Until a few years ago managing a large collection meant investing in some expensive top end software or simply cataloging in a folder hierarchy. As more of us take more and more images, it isContinue reading “Managing Your Digital Library”

HDR for Black and White: A Step By Step Guide

Joseph Eckert writes on the Digital Photography School blog, A few months ago, DPS published an article I wrote entitled “How to See in Black and White.” That article had a small bonus section at the end, in which I talked about how useful HDR can be to the monochrome photographer – a fact thatContinue reading “HDR for Black and White: A Step By Step Guide”

5 Things That Can Cause Confusion in Lightroom

Lightroom can be a confusing experience for many new users. This article from Pixiq may help to clarify things. It begins, Lightroom has the joy of being simple to start with, but still having hidden depths. Sometimes this means we see things that can confuse new users when looking for solutions to problems. Sometimes theseContinue reading “5 Things That Can Cause Confusion in Lightroom”