Monochrome Through Color

The Seven by Five blog article titled Monochrome Through Color begins;

Color… most of us see this everyday and everywhere we look. It’s a very important thing for some us and others just take it for granted. Obviously I deal with color a lot in my photography but I also love my monochrome as anyone who follows me will know very well. One thing I am asked by many people is how do I decide what photo will be color and which will be monochrome. That answer is a bit more simple than some might think.

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Published by Steve Crane

Programmer and amateur photographer.

2 thoughts on “Monochrome Through Color

  1. Please advise where this picture was taken – I have to hand in pictures of water for a practical and looking for places besides the beach …

    1. The photograph is from the article I linked to so I don’t know where it was taken. It looks to have been taken at a river. In Somerset West you can find similar rocky scenes in sections of the Lourens RIver, particularly where it flows past Radloff Park. This photo was taken there.

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