How to See in Black and White [and how HDR can be a Powerful Tool for the Monochrome Photographer]

Joseph Eckert says on the Digital Photography School blog; The very first photographs were shot in black and white. Decades later, even after the advent of color, many photographers—especially those concerned with creating works of art—continued to shoot in black and white. The format remains popular even today: nearly every consumer-level digital camera has aContinue reading “How to See in Black and White [and how HDR can be a Powerful Tool for the Monochrome Photographer]”

Hueless, a B&W camera app for iPhone

I follow A Lesser Photographer and an iPhone app mentioned in his latest newsletter caught my interest. If you like shooting black & white you might want to take a look at this app; I would if I had an iPhone. Hueless There’s a reason the best photographers embrace black and white. In the wordsContinue reading “Hueless, a B&W camera app for iPhone”

Beautiful black and white photography by Peter Levi

Peter Levi writes, I love photographing real life, but it has to have an artistic feel to it. I prefer when, for example, street shots almost looks like they are staged but aren’t. Those are in my own opinion the best ones. When you manage to pull out the beauty of real life, a mood,Continue reading “Beautiful black and white photography by Peter Levi”