Black & White in Photoshop Elements

At the last meeting I demonstrated the use of the Enhance > Convert to Black and White… tool for converting images to black and white. While this tool is still a perfectly acceptable way of doing this, I have since discovered this tutorial that uses a different, in many ways better technique for this. IfContinue reading “Black & White in Photoshop Elements”

How to Use Textures to Enhance Your Photographs

Images with textures applied are not something we’ve seen much of in club competitions and I submitted this image Ancient Eyes in November as an experiment to see how it would be received. I was surprised at how well it fared, getting the highest score and winning the open section. Given this interest I thoughtContinue reading “How to Use Textures to Enhance Your Photographs”

Tips on Early Morning Photography

  Tips on Early Morning Photography A Digital Photography School guest post by Simon Davidson who is from Stellenbosch. Nice to see local people featuring on prominent blogs. The photograph above comes from Simon’s own web site at As all photographers know, there are two times of day when the light is most idealContinue reading “Tips on Early Morning Photography”

ND Filter Tip: Creating Special Effects

Using ND Filter to create special effects In this article, I will discuss on an important topic in photography. Although this can be treated as an intermediate to advanced technique, but I will try to keep it as simple as possible making it seem like a piece of cake to all my readers. ND FilterContinue reading “ND Filter Tip: Creating Special Effects”

Photoshop Makeovers

  So there you are, taking rather fantastic photos, and then, one day, you realise that everyone else seems to be getting better results. Unfair? Possibly. Or perhaps they’re just handier in Photoshop. Like my old friend Maxwell. I recently came across three of his photo-shopped portraiture sessions (one, two, three), and was rather impressed.Continue reading “Photoshop Makeovers”

Print photos with date taken or other EXIF data

I use FastStone Image Viewer for viewing images and performing simple edits, resizing, etc. but this tip I just found is not something I’ve tried before. You might find it useful. The tokens shown in step 3 are just an example. Play around with the different options to arrive at your desired result. Launch FastStoneContinue reading “Print photos with date taken or other EXIF data”