Start Using Curves in Elements

Start Using Curves in Elements. | Photo Answers One of the biggest advantages that the full version of Photoshop seems to offer over Elements is access to the Curves palette – and if you’ve used Curves you’ll know just how handy they are for controlling contrast. What many people don’t realise though is that CurvesContinue reading “Start Using Curves in Elements”

6 things you forgot to do when you first got your new dSLR

6 things you forgot to do when you first got your new dSLR | All Day I Dream About Photography You just got your brand new dSLR camera, you can’t wait to unpack it and start shooting with it. Here are a few things you will most probably forget to do before you snap yourContinue reading “6 things you forgot to do when you first got your new dSLR”

5 Secrets of the Photoshop Crop Tool

5 Secrets of the Photoshop Crop Tool If you’re used to clicking the crop tool dragging the tool over your image and pressing Enter, it may surprise you to know that there are other options that you can use when cropping in Photoshop. Here are my five “best-kept secrets” of the Photoshop crop tool.

Basic Stitched Panorama Guidelines & Workflow

Basic Stitched Panorama Guidelines & Workflow « Photofocus The stitched panorama is an excellent tool to have at your disposal for several reasons. Whether you need to boost megapixels or capture a scene beyond your lens’ field of view the following guidelines will help you build a solid workflow.

Simple Lightroom Image Fixing Workflow

Simple Lightroom Image Fixing Workflow Whether it’s a photograph of mom that you’re sending to her or an image that you’re preparing to print, most photos can use some fixing before they’re ready to be shared or used. Here’s a quick and easy Lightroom workflow that I apply to most every day images before sendingContinue reading “Simple Lightroom Image Fixing Workflow”

How to Use Textures to Enhance Your Photographs

How to Use Textures to Enhance Your Photographs If you’ve spent anytime at all exploring sites like Flickr, I’m sure you’ve notice a good many photographs that have a certain “vintage” look to them, a patina if you will. There are many variations to this theme, ranging from simple toning to full blown distressing ofContinue reading “How to Use Textures to Enhance Your Photographs”

Fixing Perspective in Photoshop – It’s Easy

+Fixing Perspective in Photoshop – It’s Easy! | x=blog+stay+informed This workflow is by far the shortest and easiest path to fixing the Leaning Tower of Pisa effect that often happens when shooting architectural photos without fancy equipment like a View Camera or a Tilt Shift Lens.

The Truth About Saving JPEGs in Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips » The Truth About Saving JPEGs in Lightroom As I’m out on the road teaching I always pick up on areas in Lightroom that people are having a hard time with. One area I realized was saving JPEGs. Why, when, how, and what settings to used are some common questions.

Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom: Brightening Greens with Luminance

Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom: Brightening Greens with Luminance Of all the colors in the visible spectrum, the human eye is most sensitive to green. But capturing green as brightly in photographs as it is to the naked eye, especially in foliage, can be difficult. With summer vacation season in full swing, green foliage and grassContinue reading “Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom: Brightening Greens with Luminance”