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Dance of Light Workshops 2010

    Macro Photography
       Dates: March… … … …   5, 6, 7

                  November… … … 5, 6, 7


 Autumn in the Vineyards 

      Dates: June … … … …    4, 5, 6  


        Face to Face

    Photographing people

      Dates: March… … … 19, 20, 21

                  September …  10, 11, 12


 Cost:R2950 per person with R1700 deposit.

         This includes meals.

 Venue:  “33 STELLENBOSCH”


CONTACT Nicole or Eric Palmer:


NICOLE PALMER                              ERIC PALMER
082 5105 694                                     082 697 9946
www.nicolepalmer.co.za                     www.flickr.com/photos/ericpalmer
http://nicole-palmer.blogspot.com        http://afreakin.blogspot.com             
www.desertlight.co.za                        adrenalinstar@hotmail.com

Competition Meeting Wed. 10th June ’09

Over 50 members and guests arrived for our competition meeting (set subject ‘Vertical Lines’), and with over 120 prints and digital images to be judged by our overseas guest judge – Tony Bridge from New Zealand – there was no time for dithering!  First of all, though, we congratulated Nicole Palmer who has been awarded two months as ‘Artist in Residence’ in Paris – offered by the SA Arts Association. She fully deserves this accolade and trust she will have a magnificent time.

Tony Bridge is on his second visit to SA, and we were very happy that he agreed to do judging duties on the evening.  It was quite stressfull to be the only judge, and we thank him for his input.  Steve has posted results elsewhere on the blog.  After tea, Tony showed us a few of his audio-visuals showing the dramatic landscapes of New Zealand – he is a master of the ‘big landscape’.  He also spoke about ‘The 7 pictures on your coffin’ … an exercise where a photographer selects 7 of his own pictures which would represent him at his funeral.  Obviously the pictures might still change before the photographer’s demise, but it is an interesting project none the less!  Tony kept up the pace, and we very much thank him for sharing his photography with us.

‘Dance of Light Photographic Workshops 2009’

Logo for Dance of Light workshops 2009

Macro Photography Workshop
Discover the magic and specialized techniques of Macro Photography

Dates: February 27, 28 & March 1 / FULL
Cost: R2700 per person with R1500 deposit

Autumn in the Vineyard
An opportunity to immerse yourself in the beautiful Landscapes of the area

Dates: May 29, 30, 31
Cost: R2700 per person with R1500 deposit


Face to Face: Photographing people
Capture friends and family in exciting, simple, creative ways

Dates: June 19, 20, 21
Cost: R2700 per person with R1500 deposit

All our Workshops begin with a basic Photoshop lesson and include meals and refreshments but not accommodation.

082 5105 694
082 697 9946