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Lots of Places to go, Pictures to take …

Drakenstein Coon Carnival — 24 January

This is one of Wellington’s most successful cultural community gatherings,filled with colour,sound and motion.

Events in Wellington

Starting the year on a high note the Drakenstein Coon Carnival fills the town with colour, sound and motion. Wellington is the only town besides Cape Town that has organized Coon groups to perform at New Year’s festivities since the early eighties.

Classic Car and Bike Show 2009

Saturday 24 January – Modern Classics
On day one of the Show, the exhibition will consist of vehicles which can be defined as ‘Modern Classics”. These include Hot Rods, Street Rods, souped up vehicles, racing cars and bikes, custom vehicles and motorcycles and of course, a few new cars and bikes! This is a day that will appeal to many motoring enthusiasts, but it is important to note that there will be no old or Classic vehicles on display.

Sunday 25 January – Classics
On day two of the Show, the exhibition will consist of vehicles dating from as far back as the late 1890’s, to more recent times. These are the classics that invoke an era of elegance, a more relaxed way of life and a time when craftsmanship was an important element of vehicle design and manufacture. This is always a popular display and will appeal to anyone with a love of restored and maintained classic vehicles.

Southern Ink Xposure

Cape Town International Convention Centre.
January 23rd – 25th 2009
Open to Public – Friday 23 January /16h00-22h00
Saturday 24 January/10h00-23h00 and Sunday 25 January/11h00-17h00
Admission -R120 per day, R250 for VIP Weekend which includes both concerts.

The J&B® Met — 31 January

Want to dress up to the nines, spot celebrities or indulge your inner papparazzi? The J&B® Met is the place to do it.

Oude Libertas – Market

Every Saturday, our very popular market takes place on the lawn in front of the thatched roofed Mon Repos under the huge shady trees – some, centuries old (extending onto the bricked courtyard). The market offers a wide variety of products for you to purchase for yourself as well as offering a wide choice of gifts for friends and family. Jewellery, paintings, organic fruit and veggies, indigenous crafted items (where you can chat with the maker!), furniture, biltong and droëwors, fresh oysters, pure honey, freshly-baked breads, plants and clothing items are just a few of the items currently for sale. Sometimes we also offer wine tasting!

Our kitchen has a variety of sumptious breakfasts available, with the Farmhouse and Omelettes taking a definate lead.

The Saturday Market at Oude Libertas is expanding each and every week and is well worth visiting.

TRADING HOURS – 08h00 till 14h00

Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market

The Stellenbosch Fresh Goods market is an authentic Slow Food market consisting of producers selling products they have sourced, grown, raised, harvested, caught, preserved or transformed themselves. The market place is located on the Dorpstreet square in Bosman’s Crossing trading village in Stellenbosch and is open every Saturday from 9am to 2pm.


‘Following our Noses’ – expect the unexpected … Nettie


Thinking that we should start the ball rolling into the New Year, Ilse Andrag and I set out for Stellenbosch on the 2nd January, wishing to visit the Botanical Garden in order to photograph the lotus flowers in bloom. No such luck – the Garden was closed…(open again on 5 Jan).

Remembering that Steve and Mela Crane had wanted to visit the Rupert Museum to see the Rodin and Dylan Lewis exhibition (and had found it closed), we drove for a look-see and found the same … sigh. It had now started to rain … another sigh.

So, on we drove in the direction of Paarl, thinking we might visit Butterfly World – well, every Tom, Dick and Harry was there (en famille), with not a parking spot to be found. We said hello to the meerkat sitting on top of his ground heap, and left again, in the direction of Wellington. The skies were dramatically clouded and the possibility of a few polarized shots came into my head. But where could we safely park? Ah, an open farm gate – at last, time to get out the tripods! No sooner had we turned our backs on the car and the farm owner (very nice looking young man) politely came to ask us what we were doing on his property. Ilse told him who we were, that we were members of a club, were not going to make money out of our pictures of his property, after which he told us we were welcome … big sigh of relief…

We spent some time there, and then carried on into the countryside – direction Malmesbury. Dramatic skies, shifting sunlight, hay bales and trees on the horizon – all great as long as we could get the car off the highway. The turnoff to Riebeek Kasteel proved fortuitous – although the Olive Boutique was closed… sigh. We made it to the outskirts of town to Delico Farm Butchery, which was luckily open, and maxed out our credit cards – lamb chops, fillet, farm butter, ribs – you name it they’ve got it (as well as skilpadjies – too rich for me, but many people like them…). There were a few more opportunites to photograph sweeping landscapes, and then it was time to drive back to reality. Now that our batteries have been charged, we are rarin’ to go in 2009!

Tip: sometimes it good to just follow your nose!district-wellington

‘Lone Tree’ and ‘District Wellington’  by Nettie






Images by Ilse