Lots of Places to go, Pictures to take …

Drakenstein Coon Carnival — 24 January This is one of Wellington’s most successful cultural community gatherings,filled with colour,sound and motion. Events in Wellington Starting the year on a high note the Drakenstein Coon Carnival fills the town with colour, sound and motion. Wellington is the only town besides Cape Town that has organized Coon groupsContinue reading “Lots of Places to go, Pictures to take …”

‘Following our Noses’ – expect the unexpected … Nettie

Thinking that we should start the ball rolling into the New Year, Ilse Andrag and I set out for Stellenbosch on the 2nd January, wishing to visit the Botanical Garden in order to photograph the lotus flowers in bloom. No such luck – the Garden was closed…(open again on 5 Jan). Remembering that Steve andContinue reading “‘Following our Noses’ – expect the unexpected … Nettie”