HPS Competition Meeting Update

I hope you are looking forward to our first meeting this year – this coming Wednesday 14th January at 7.30pm.

Here are a few updates:


JJ has very generously increased his sponsorship of prizes for our competitions, as follows:

There will be vouchers awarded to First Place (R40); Second Place (R30) and Third Place (R20) in the four categories ie. Prints Set Subject; Prints Open; Projected Images Set Subject and Projected Images Open. At the end of the year, members will decide on the Best Image of the Year (via our website) – for which the prize will be the printing of that image on canvas 600mm x 900mm valued at R350.  Our thanks to Picture Works

for this very generous sponsorship.


Bernard Seymour Hall will be at the meeting – receipt book in hand – hoping you will be paying him your R200 membership fee.  If you wish to pay via the Internet, please find the details on our website, and don’t forget to mention your name as a reference.


Those of you who have perused the website in detail will have realized that digital images need to be sent to a new e-mail address viz.



Kindly insert this new address in your ‘Address Book’ asap.


Please remember to get your images in timeously – before 6pm on Tuesday.


We are lucky to have obtained the services of an outside judge for our competition; and after tea, Chris Joubert will be presenting ‘The People of Lubumbashi’ (co-incidentally the city where Nicole was born!).


Hoping to see you all on Wednesday –

Kind regards,




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