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Competition Meeting Wed. 12th May

Some 50 members and guests arrived for the Competition Meeting, the set subject being ‘Go Graphic’. There was a good selection of both prints and projected images, in the set subject, as well as in the open one.  Lanz von Horsten spoke afterwards on two particular images he was impressed with – a portrait by Marthinus and a landscape by Marietjie.  It was very interesting to receive feedback from an experienced photographer such as Lanz.  After tea Roger gave a talk on converting your slides to digital images using a slide projector and your camera (instead of scanning slides with a scanner).  He has an engaging way of explaining things, and we were highly entertained at the possibility of using ‘his’ method.  Thanks Roger! Before we all left for home, Steve showed a few instructional audio-visuals on various aspects of Photoshop … you learn something every time!


Evaluation Meeting Wed. 13th Jan.2010

Prompt start at 7.30pm.  Digital images must be sent to helderbergphoto+entries@gmail.com before 6pm on Tuesday 12th (today).

Prints should be brought in time for them to be hung.

A committee member will gladly receive your yearly subs of R200. Special rates for country members and students (R100 per person)

See you there!

HPS Meeting Wed. 13th May 2009

We were happy to welcome guests, as well as several new members who signed up during the evening.  It was good to see Johan Beyers once again – we have missed him.  Thomas Niemeyer is another member who travels from far, so it was good to hear about the progress of the PSSA Congress/Av Convention he is organising for October in Hermanus.  Please check the PSSA and/or Hermanus websites (www.pssa.co.za and www.hermanusphoto.co.za) for details which will be updated regularly (put them under your ‘favourites’), and seriously consider attending the Congress, even if you can manage only one or two days.  The speakers are excellent and there is a full program which will re-charge your batteries!

Appropo Thomas’s visit, I await (with huge interest) the result of his ‘Mexican wave’ request – if I know Thomas, it will be different.

The competition ‘City Life’ drew about 40 prints and images, whilst the projected images numbered at least 50.  All members are encouraged to make the effort to take part – don’t be discouraged at what you might think is a low awarded mark – be assured that every image is judged and evaluated with respect.  Judges are not perfect – they have their opinions – and in the end if you are happy with your image that’s all that matters.  Being a member of a club and having your images evaluated may lead you to making images you never thought you could make!

Remember, Interclub (Sat. 31st october) will be on us soon, and we would like to be able to choose the 12 prints and 12 projected images which will represent the Club, from the widest base possible – so please join in!

After tea, Steve showed a technical audio-visual presentation on RAW workflow which informed me of aspects I did not even know about, but am assured that the more experienced photographers understood!

We were once again treated to apples from Andre du Toit’s farm – thanks Andre!

Our meeting in June promises to be a special one – watch this space.  Suffice to say that entering your best landscapes in the Open Section (Set Subject ‘Vertical Lines’), will be a recommendation!

Audio-Visual Meeting Wed. 29th April ‘09

Nettie was not able to attend the April AV meeting so writing this has fallen to me, hence the delay in posting it. I didn’t make any notes that I can draw on for writing this so please excuse any omissions or errors I might make.

We started off watching an AV by Noeleen Kutash, her first one ever and everyone agreed that it was very well done for a first attempt. Neels Beyers brought along one or two AVs but the details escape me right now. Johan Beyers was visiting from Paarl again and I think many members hope he will continue to be a regular visitor. He showed us an inspiring AV made from landscape photos he took on a recent trip to the USA. It was full of buttes, mesas, canyons, arches and other incredible landscape features; also featured were some ancient cliff dwellings that Noeleen informed us were used by the Anasazi. André du Toit showed an AV made from images he took at a bird photography workshop in the Kalahari; he also brought us a box of his delicious apples.

After tea Irmel demonstrated how to incorporate movement into AVs using Wings Platinum. Although her demonstration used multiple picture tracks, she explained that the same effect can be achieved with the single picture track of the free basic version that many of us use.

Questions & Answers

Our next meeting on 8 April is an evaluation evening and as we have no speaker for after tea; we have decided to make it a question and answer evening.

We would like you to submit any questions you want answered in comments on this post, be they how to do something in Photoshop or how to do something in your camera. I will then research those questions and come up with answers I can provide at the meeting, with demonstrations where appropriate. As I will need some time for research, get your questions in earlier rather than later or you might find your question not being answered.

It will be a good idea to bring a pen and some paper to take notes, whether you asked a question or not. We’ll all be able to learn something from the discussion around the questions and answers.

Photo by Travelin’ Librarian

Don’t forget …

to get your images in to Steve by 6pm this evening (Tuesday 10th March). Send them to helderbergphoto+entries@gmail.com.  You will receive notification that your images have been passed on to Steve. Please check the ‘How to’ tab to find out exactly how to size and label your images.  If you are late, or your images are incorrectly sized or labelled, they will not be shown tomorrow night.

Also …. please remember to bring your cameras for a pracitical session with JJ, after tea.

See you on Wednesday evening for another bumper evening… Nettie

Report January Meeting 14.01.09

A great crowd of over 50 members arrived at the meeting last night – quite a few new faces, as well as some we hadn’t seen for some time.  We welcomed several guests, as well as Francine, a lecturer at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, who was our judge for the evening.

Of course, one of the most important ‘notices’ was to say Thank You to Steve for setting up our brilliant website –  the round of applause from the audience was well deserved.

Eric Palmer has offered to organise an outing involving some of his off-road mountain biking friends, at a venue where members can photograph them doing all manner of tricks – speeding, jumping, flying (and no doubt, falling down …).  Members will be advised via this website as to when exactly this outing is going to happen.  Paddy is busy organising the February outing – watch this space.

The Competition ‘Silhouette’ and the Open Sections in both Prints and Projected Images were both well-subscribed … there were several ‘first timers’ included, which is heartening – perhaps our ‘Get your Feet Wet’ project is paying off.  Francine got through the judging very efficiently – thanks also to Ilse and Steve for their administrative flair. Steve will soon be placing the competition results on the website.

The break for tea allowed for some busy social interaction, after which Chris Joubert presented ‘The People of Lubumbashi’ – a photographic project which he hopes to self-publish and get printed, in order to enlighten the general public of the dire circumstances in which the poorer people of Lubumbshi live.  His portrait work was excellent, and his street photography highlighted the difficult circumstances that many of the people live in.  We wish him well in his venture, and thank him for his presentation.

My thanks to the many members who helped out with the tea and kitchen duties, as well as the committee members for the ‘setting up’ and ‘taking down’ before and after the meeting.

Next month’s meeting is going to be an Evaluation one, together with Hermanus, who will be our guests.  Watch the website for more details!