Competition Winners — January 2009

Here are the winners of the January competition for which the set subject was Silhouette.

Please note that only digital images are available for display.


Set Subject

  1. Silhouette in the Storm
    Bernard Seymour-Hall
  2. Come On, Hurry Up
    JJ van Heerden
  3. Sunset at Signal Hill
    Neels Beyers


  1. Slow Currents
    Paul Hayes-Gregson
  2. Overberg Waterfall
    Nettie Warncke
  3. Sunset at Signal Hill
    Neels Beyers

Projected Images

Set Subject

  1. Bubble Silhouette
    Michele Moss
  2. Snow Silhouette
    Bernard Seymour-Hall
  3. Richtersveld
    JJ van Heerden

1. Bubble Silhouette2. Snow Silhouette3. Richtersveld


  1. Eaten Away By Wind
    Neels Beyers
  2. Ascent
    Irmel Dunaiski
  3. Reflections on Foil
    Kerry Jones

1. Eaten Away By Wind2. Ascent

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