Viewing Distance: The Overlooked Aspect of Print Size

Viewing Distance: The Overlooked Aspect of Print Size – A while back, on The Online Photographer, I linked to a video segment from a British television show called The Gadget Show. It documents a not-so-rigorous test of film vs. digital in which the two hosts dress up as the main characters from the oldContinue reading “Viewing Distance: The Overlooked Aspect of Print Size”

When A**holes Do Good Work

The Online Photographer: When A**holes Do Good Work The Bruce Gilden video we linked to the other day has brought up a lot of comments, including a fair number that are strongly positive and a fair number that are strongly negative. It brings up an issue that I found myself wrestling with again just theContinue reading “When A**holes Do Good Work”

Update Your Camera Firmware

Update Your Camera Firmware Updating your camera firmware can improve things like menu navigation, bracketing options, noise reduction, high ISO performance, focusing precision, auto white balance improvements, and more. Updates to firmware can also include proper functionality with new camera accessories such as vertical grips, flash units, and lenses. And, brand new cameras will oftenContinue reading “Update Your Camera Firmware”

Ten Thousand Pictures of You

Ten Thousand Pictures of You on Vimeo An exhilarating rollercoaster ride through the animated pictures of Sarah’s world, as she gets revenge on the man who broke her heart! Written, Directed & Edited by Robin King Starring Denise Hoey, David Crow, Ruth Larkin This pixilation (stop-motion animation using real people) was made in 2006 forContinue reading “Ten Thousand Pictures of You”

The importance of focus and quick tips on how to get it right

The importance of focus and quick tips on how to get it right | Photodoto Focus in photography is about a lot more than simply sharpness or being able to see what you are looking at. Focus can enhance a subject by making it stand out from or blend into its surroundings, focus can drawContinue reading “The importance of focus and quick tips on how to get it right”

The Beauty of Urban Decay

The Beauty Of Urban Decay | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine The city is a fantastic source of beauty and inspiration, with all the glitz and glamour glistening beneath the city lights. But there is another side of the city altogether, one rife with its own kind of allure. Across the tracks, away from the dazzleContinue reading “The Beauty of Urban Decay”

Black and White for the Digital Era

You might think that creating black and white images in the digital age is as easy as loading your digital image in Photoshop and converting to greyscale. While that will get you a monochrome image it will be a pale imitation of the same photo shot with black and white film. But don’t despair, greatContinue reading “Black and White for the Digital Era”

Outfit Your Camera Like a Pro

Dealzmodo Hack: Outfit Your Camera Like a Pro (Hobo) Whether your camera is brand new or an aging holdover, you want to accessorize it, but you don’t want to pay. By now, you know the Dealzmodo Hack drill: Paying is for suckers. For decades, photographers have engineered little tricks to get the most out ofContinue reading “Outfit Your Camera Like a Pro”

Thanks from “Lady Nicole”

You should know by now that Nicole Palmer was conferred honorary member status at the meeting in December.  She sent these words of thanks and asked that they be published here. The year is not even 2 days old and HPS has already managed to impress me again with our new Web and Blog sitesContinue reading “Thanks from “Lady Nicole””