ScottCritiques is a new site on which professional photographer Scott Bourne will critique images. These critiques will be along the lines of our evaluation evenings but probably more in depth. Read the welcoming post linked below and decide if you want to submit some of your own images for critique, or just follow along andContinue reading “”

How did you shoot this? There’s Always One

To be a creative photographer it’s not enough to be technically profficient and au fait with the rules of composition; you also need to be able to think leterally. How did you shoot this? There’s Always One | All Day I Dream About Photography For this picture I had to figure out a way toContinue reading “How did you shoot this? There’s Always One”

Lots of Places to go, Pictures to take …

Drakenstein Coon Carnival — 24 January This is one of Wellington’s most successful cultural community gatherings,filled with colour,sound and motion. Events in Wellington Starting the year on a high note the Drakenstein Coon Carnival fills the town with colour, sound and motion. Wellington is the only town besides Cape Town that has organized Coon groupsContinue reading “Lots of Places to go, Pictures to take …”

Audio-Visual Salon

Thomas Niemeyer has asked us to bring to our members’ attention an AV Salon being hosted by the Magalies Foto Fun Club.  Details may be found on the PSSA Website: .  Do take a look and consider entering! First MFFC Audio-Visual Salon – 2009       South African resident photographers are cordially invitedContinue reading “Audio-Visual Salon”

Comment from Francien Fick, judge at ‘Silhouette’ meeting

It is always good to know how you can improve on a great photograph… ·         Composition –  putting the subject matter in the middle of the photograph; ·         Digital noise; ·         Excessive use of Photoshop or filters; ·         Focussing problems or image blur caused by slow shutter speed in dim lighting conditions. Feel free toContinue reading “Comment from Francien Fick, judge at ‘Silhouette’ meeting”

International Filter Photo Contest 2008/9

International Filter Photo Contest 2008/9 – PhotographyBLOG The International Filter Photo Contest 2008/9 is open to anyone who has taken a photograph using any type of filter. Sponsored by Kenko with a top prize of 500,000 Yen of Kenko products, there are a total of 139 prizes to be won with a total prize fundContinue reading “International Filter Photo Contest 2008/9”