HPS AV Corner 2009

Welcome to all HPS members who enjoy creating audio visuals or are curious about this wonderful, expressive medium!

Let’s start with our monthly AV meetings…


Our monthly meetings take place on every last Wednesday of the month at 19:00 for 19:30 at the Library Hall in Somerset West.

This year we’ll be setting a task for each AV evening. We want to encourage you to think of AV sequences while you’re photographing. It’s a challenge, it’s fun — and it’s a foundation for creative audio visuals.

An AV sequence is a series of photos that form a unit, connected by a subject and/or a photo technique.

In preparation for each AV evening you’ll be given a set subject for an AV sequence. Whenever possible we’ll be showing an example or a short demo at the preceding meeting.

Then all you need to do is put your sequence together and bring it along to the meeting as a Wings clip. You’re also welcome to include sound.

We hope that you’ll find participating and sharing experiences to be a stimulating and challenging way to enrich your understanding and grow your skills.


Our Gala Evening will be taking place in October. We hope you’ll all have something special up your sleeve?

This year’s set subject for an AV is “Living from the Sea”, to be shown in November.

The One Day Workshop takes place on 15 August in Stellenbosch. It’s going to be a great experience – if you have any suggestions or requests for subjects to cover, please let us know!


The annual Photo/AV Weekend will be taking place in Jacobsbaai from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 September 2009.


Jacobsbaai is a quiet little seaside village on the West Coast, still unspoiled, with mostly dirt roads and no shopping centers or amenities.

Jacobsbaai and surroundings
Jacobsbaai and surroundings

What to photograph?

I’ll stick to a few brief outline (otherwise I’ll go on forever), but please feel free to do some research of your own.

Misty Morning
Misty Morning
Proud bokkom fisherman in Velddrif
Proud bokkom fisherman in Velddrif


  • At the end September the fynbos flower season creates a wonderful contrast with the ocean
  • Unspoiled sand beach and rocks just a minute’s walk from the cottages
  • Sunset, sunrise over the bay and the ocean
  • Fishermen, their activities and boats
  • Variety of sea birds

Within 40 km of Jacobsbaai

  • Saldanha – panoramic view of steel works
  • Langebaan – kite surfer, boats
  • West Coast National Park – wildflowers, turquoise lagoon, beautiful views, game
  • Velddrif – Berg River mouth; flood plains with bird hides; bokkoms; Fossil Park with guided tours
  • Paternoster – fishermen and their activities – and lots more!


We’ve booked two self-catering cottages (sleeping six people each) and a conference room at the ‘Weskusplek’ in Jacobsbaai for that long weekend.

Weskusplek, Jacobsbaai
Weskusplek, Jacobsbaai

Each cottage costs R900 per night taken. In addition a cottage for two can be booked at R580 per night, not including breakfast.

There is a little restaurant – the only one in Jacobsbaai – with a beautiful view over the bay.

The conference room will be ideal for AV workshops and get-togethers in the evenings.

This outing from Thursday 24 – Sunday 27 September is planned for all HPS members! Please ensure your place by an early booking with Paddy!!! A % deposit is required.

More detailed information will follow later.

Examples of “third images”

Third Image, mist and sunrise

Third Image, play with shapes

Third Image, lines with mirror image

Content for this post supplied by Irmel Dunaiski.

Published by Steve Crane

Programmer and amateur photographer.

One thought on “HPS AV Corner 2009

  1. Irmel! – thank you to you, and Paddy, for this amazing audio-visual program for the year! I can see that a huge amount of research and organisation has gone into these arrangements – I hope many more members will take part in the making of AVs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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