Report: Moutain Bike Outing, Paarl, Sunday 15th Feb ’09

Ten HPS members arrived (as well as 10 mountain bikers) at the gate to the Taal Monument on Sunday morning.  We scrambled down the slippery track and found positions where we could shoot the bikers as they launched themselves over hills, along ‘walls of death’ and down steep overhangs – it was a ‘leap of faith’ every time!  Eric installed two flashes perched on tripods in strategic places, and these were set off by him with a remote control. We panned, we zoomed, we did slo-mo, we did freeze-mode, we used wide-angles and telephoto … and it was great fun!  Thanks Eric, and to your rider friends for providing us with some breathtaking tricks which were amazing to photograph!  Here are a few pics …

rider11    riders1






















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