Looking ahead to …

Our next meeting takes place on Wednesday 11th March at the Somerset West Library Hall, at 7.30pm.  It is a ‘Competition’ meeting and the Set Subject is ‘Energy’.  I have been wracking my brains as to how I am going to interpret ‘energy’ … it’s quite difficult (for me) … and it’s going to involve me actively going out to make images – First Prize? – a dark and stormy night with lots of lightning!  I guess photographing a static windmill, or a row of unlit light bulbs won’t exactly work … so I will have to do a little left-brain thinking, and try my best.  If you are also thinking along these lines (!) remember we only have three weeks left!  Of course, prints, slides and digital images may be entered in the Set Subject and Open Sections (a total of 8 – if desired) … check the ‘How To’ tab in the toolbar above.

Our judge for the evening will be JJ van Heerden – our Technical Adviser on the HPS Committee (he who sponsors our prize vouchers … J).

Two new members are going to ‘Get their Feet Wet’ – Pieter van der Westhuizen and Marius Swart.  (five images each).

After tea, JJ will be giving a talk, with images, on Histograms, Exposure and File Formats (JPEG vs TIFF vs RAW).  Please bring your Cameras!  We are going to have a practical session so that you can work the buttons on the back of your camera.  Naturally we have members who may know about all of this already, but we have members who are fairly new to photography and who would appreciate learning from an expert, without stress! Our experienced photographers could perhaps sit alongside ‘newbies’ and be of help to them.

OK, so let’s activate those brain cells – find examples on Flickr by searching tags, Google it , think about it!  Let’s see the results!  Good luck!

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