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Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk

Last Saturday, 18 July 2009, photographers all over the world gathered at different times, in different cities to join in the phenomenon that is photo walking. South Africa was no exception, with ten walks throughout the country. I took part in the Stellenbosch walk as did Irmel and her daughter. There were some other familiar faces from the club but I’m bad at matching names to faces so you’ll have to excuse me for not naming them. We met up at 7:30 at Jan Cats restaurant and the walk got underway at 8am, when we all split up and ambled off for two hours of photography up and down Dorp Street. We met up again at 10am and many hung around to chat and drink coffee. Sadly I had things to do so had to leave right away.

To see some of the photos taken, have a look at at the following on Flickr;

10 Photography Quotes that You Should Know

10 Photography Quotes that You Should Know

In this post Hákon Ágústsson from PhotoQuotes.com and http://www.Imageree.com. shares some great quotes on the topic of photography and explains why they’re worth knowing.

Take note of and remember the following photo quotes. It’s always worthwhile to learn from masters.

Shooting Portraits like a Pro On a Budget

Shooting Portraits like a Pro On a Budget

In this post portrait photographer Alexis Godschalk shares some tips on shooting studio like portraits on a budget by talking us through a shoot he did with a band recently.

Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom: Brightening Greens with Luminance

Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom: Brightening Greens with Luminance

Of all the colors in the visible spectrum, the human eye is most sensitive to green. But capturing green as brightly in photographs as it is to the naked eye, especially in foliage, can be difficult. With summer vacation season in full swing, green foliage and grass creep into a lot of photos, and you might find yourself trying to pump up those greens in post production to be brighter in the final image. But that is easier said than done.

For Sale … contact Kerry Jones


Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED with SF—210 Slide Feeder (capacity 50 slides)

Price : R15000 ONCO

Condition : as new hardly used still in original packing

Contact : Kerry 021 855 5915 or 082 451 0835

53 Crazy-good Digital Photography Tutorials

53 Crazy-good Digital Photography Tutorials – Psdtuts+

Though Photoshop has grown over time to become a many-armed beast of a program, it was first created with the modest aim of helping users to modify and improve their digital photography. In this post we return to Photoshop’s roots with a wonderful collection of digital photography and photo editing tutorials.

7 Excellent Open Courseware Collections for Digital Photographers

7 Excellent Open Courseware Collections for Digital Photographers

Digital photographers are always looking to improve their skills behind the lens. Anyone can point and click, but what does it take to take a picture with real depth, meaning, and intrigue? What does it take to move from taking a vacation photo to capturing a moment in time? The following open courseware collections aim to help students move from just playing around with a digital camera to creating works of art.