You’re only 50mm Away from Becoming a Better Photographer

It’s true. There is only 50mm separating you from the photos you always wanted to take. Of course it is a 50mm prime lens that is between you and your goal. All the happy owners of this wonderful lens will testify on its behalf as to how their skill where strengthened by this marvel. You’reContinue reading “You’re only 50mm Away from Becoming a Better Photographer”

Photoshop Makeovers

  So there you are, taking rather fantastic photos, and then, one day, you realise that everyone else seems to be getting better results. Unfair? Possibly. Or perhaps they’re just handier in Photoshop. Like my old friend Maxwell. I recently came across three of his photo-shopped portraiture sessions (one, two, three), and was rather impressed.Continue reading “Photoshop Makeovers”

Western Cape Interclub Photographic Competition 2009

  The annual Western Cape Interclub Photographic Competition will be taking place on Saturday 31st October, 2009, from 6pm, at the Endler Hall, Conservatoire, University of Stellenbosch in Stellenbosch.  Photographic clubs from the region will be displaying their best prints and digital images during the course of the evening.  Drinks and snacks will be servedContinue reading “Western Cape Interclub Photographic Competition 2009”

September Competition Winners

Here are the winners of the September competition for which the set subject was Little Bits of Big Things. Please note that only digital images are available for display. Prints Set Subject Bit of the Biggest DunePaddy Howes Bit of Big WindowsPaddy Howes Dust to DustJJ van Heerden Open Starlight PaintingPaddy Howes Gariep SunsetJJ vanContinue reading “September Competition Winners”

Print photos with date taken or other EXIF data

I use FastStone Image Viewer for viewing images and performing simple edits, resizing, etc. but this tip I just found is not something I’ve tried before. You might find it useful. The tokens shown in step 3 are just an example. Play around with the different options to arrive at your desired result. Launch FastStoneContinue reading “Print photos with date taken or other EXIF data”

7 Photography Projects to Jumpstart your Creativity

Let’s face it, no matter how much we take our camera out, there’s only so many pictures we can take of our kids, pets, house and garden before we start itching to shoot something else… but what? Hopefully this list of projects you can undertake will inspire you to find something creative to shoot. 7Continue reading “7 Photography Projects to Jumpstart your Creativity”

Overberg Photographic Workshop

Join Wicus Leeuwner & JJ van Heerden on the Overberg Photographic Workshop The workshop is aimed at photographers wishing  to find a creative way of improving their photography by using artistic and design principles. Both Beginners and Experienced Photographers  will benefit. The workshop is presented in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, allowing individual freedom of expression!Continue reading “Overberg Photographic Workshop”

How to test a lens

How to test a lens | Photographer Inteviews, Portrait, Commercial, Editorial Photogrpahy and Photographic Art – Colours Magazine Lens testing is fun and informative. While it won’t turn you into a Cartier-Bresson, it will have a visible impact on your photography too: if you understand the way your lenses behave, you’ll be able to makeContinue reading “How to test a lens”