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What Makes a Great Photograph

Newcomers to Photography, and even seasoned shooters, are often confused as to what it is exactly that makes a Great Photograph. We all know what a pretty, or cute, or moving photograph is, at least at some emotional, non-verbal level, but we find it hard to define in words what separates the Good from the Great.

Fret not my children, Miserere has spent a few minutes thinking hard about this and has it all figured out for you. A Great Photograph is…

What Makes a Great Photograph


February Competition Winners

Here are the digital/projected image winners of the February competition for which the set subject was Sweets/Candy.

Set Subject

  1. Rainbow Nation Pawns
    Chris Joubert
  2. Sparkles
    Nettie Warncke
  3. Swirling Smarties
    Rosie Burton

1. Rainbow Nation Pawns2. Sparkles3. Swirling Smarties


  1. Tafelberg
    Neels Beyers
  2. Windsurfer
    Neels Beyers
  3. Cape Town
    Marius Swart

1. Ancient Eyes2. Fallen Petals3. Purple Field

Why ISO Is the New Megapixel

This article expands on some of the information Roger gave at the last meeting, and goes on to explain how the focus of the camera technology race has shifted from increasing megapixel counts to increasing light sensitivity; meaning cameras can shoot at higher and higher ISO numbers, with less noise than ever before.

Giz Explains: Why ISO Is the New Megapixel

Audio-Visual Salon

Please check the Magalies Foto Fun Club website http://www.magaliesfotofunclub.co.za  for details of their 2nd Audio Visual Salon taking place soon.

Competition Meeting Wed. 10th Feb. 2010

More than 50 people arrived for the meeting – quite a few were there for the first time and applied to become members.  Bernard welcomed everyone, and asked us to spare a thought for Paddy and Graham Howes, whose farm in Franschhoek was very badly hit by the recent fire.

The outing this month takes place at the Wijnland Auto Museum (entrance R50) which is situated next to the Cape Garden Centre (Exit 34 on the N1). Meet there at 9.30am and bring all your lenses, as well as a hat and a bottle of water!

With reference to the Rally which was to have taken place on Sat. 13th March  – please note that it has been moved to Saturday 27th March – meet at the parking area of the Taal Monument in Paarl at 9.30am.  Everyone will receive a list of clues/subjects to photograph (only one image per clue allowed!).  We are hoping to receive ‘throw-away’ cameras (with film and a certain number of pics), but please bring your normal camera anyway.

Another outing planned, for next  month, is the ‘Cape Carnival’ outing on Saturday 20th March – meet at the Adderley Street entrance to the Company Gardens (next to St. George’s Cathedral) at 2.30pm.

Our normal audio-visual evening will be held on Wed. 24th February – everyone is welcome.

The judges for the evening – Mary, Andre, Frank and Gail – had prints, slides and over 100 digital imgages to judge!  They moved it along at a good pace – results will be posted separately by Steve.

After tea, Roger Lee gave us a very well thought-out talk on the basics of understanding the technology of digital cameras – we thank him for being willing to give us this lecture, which, I am sure, helped many of us understand things we are too scared to ask!

Next month’s competition set subject is ‘Urban Decay’ … so let’s get clicking!

Photography courses by Roger Lee (HPS Member)

Enjoy Digital Photography


‘Arguably one of the best introductory courses available…’


Whatever camera you have and, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced camera owner, your photography and your enjoyment will benefit considerably from this course.

You will have great fun using your camera in future.

Join over 100 people who have really enjoyed the course.


‘Roger is an experienced photographer and presenter with a very clear, friendly and easily understood style’


The course covers the camera, techniques, what to buy/upgrade, composition, camera to computer files, basic enhancement and what to do with your pictures – prints, albums, internet etc.  Everything you need to really enjoy taking photographs and sharing them with family and friends.


Held in Gordon’s Bay, the course is covered in two, three hour modules on Saturday mornings from 9-12, with the next course planned for April 17 and 24.

Each module is priced at R200 per person.

Contact: Roger: 021-856-2176 or botanical@mweb.co.za for all the details. 20 People is the limit on this course.

Memory Card Tips

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you but one of the worst feelings in the world (photography-wise at least!) is discovering that your memory card has become corrupted and you’ve now lost all the photos you recently took. It happened to me on my old point and shoot card but I was really lucky in that there were only about five or six photos on the card and they weren’t particularly important to me.

It can, however, be a disaster to lose your photos before you can remove them from the card. While you can’t prevent all problems, here are some memory card tips to avoid as many issues as possible.

Memory Card Tips