Competition Meeting Wed. 12th May

Some 50 members and guests arrived for the Competition Meeting, the set subject being ‘Go Graphic’. There was a good selection of both prints and projected images, in the set subject, as well as in the open one.  Lanz von Horsten spoke afterwards on two particular images he was impressed with – a portrait by Marthinus and a landscape by Marietjie.  It was very interesting to receive feedback from an experienced photographer such as Lanz.  After tea Roger gave a talk on converting your slides to digital images using a slide projector and your camera (instead of scanning slides with a scanner).  He has an engaging way of explaining things, and we were highly entertained at the possibility of using ‘his’ method.  Thanks Roger! Before we all left for home, Steve showed a few instructional audio-visuals on various aspects of Photoshop … you learn something every time!

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