PicturesToExe Deluxe 6.0 | PhotographyBLOG

The standard in our club has always been to use Wings for producing AVs but to move beyond the free version to allow multiple piture and audio tracks is quite costly. PicturesToExe is an alternative that some members might want to take a look at. WnSoft has released PicturesToExe Deluxe 6.0, a photo slideshow softwareContinue reading “PicturesToExe Deluxe 6.0 | PhotographyBLOG”

A Beginner’s Guide to Flickr

Flickr changed my life. True story. I am a relatively new Flickr convert and a full fledged Flickr evangelist and my number one message to the masses: Flickr isn’t a dumping ground for ‘pics’. It isn’t a graveyard where millions of images are laid to rest never to be seen again. It is a communityContinue reading “A Beginner’s Guide to Flickr”

Lightroom: What is it and When Should You Consider it?

  There have been questions posted as comments recently asking about the role of Lightroom in a photographer’s workflow. Many posters who are not currently using Lightroom aren’t sure whether Lightroom it is an alternative to Photoshop or where it fits if you have Photoshop too. I thought it was a good time to lookContinue reading “Lightroom: What is it and When Should You Consider it?”

November Competition Winners

Here are the winners of the November competition for which the set subject was Opposites, Yin/Yang, Oestrogen/Testosterone. Please note that only digital images are available for display. Prints Set Subject Testing Irmel Dunaiski  Oestrogen/Testosterone Paddy Howes Open Overberg Landskap  Neels Beyers  Walker Bay  Neels Beyers  Ready For Action  Irmel Dunaiski  Projected Images Set Subject PeiContinue reading “November Competition Winners”

ND Filter Tip: Creating Special Effects

Using ND Filter to create special effects In this article, I will discuss on an important topic in photography. Although this can be treated as an intermediate to advanced technique, but I will try to keep it as simple as possible making it seem like a piece of cake to all my readers. ND FilterContinue reading “ND Filter Tip: Creating Special Effects”

Interclub Results

Saturday evening saw the 2009 Interclub event take place at the Endler Hall in Stellenbosch. Helderberg took the club honours by a narrow margin. The club scores were as follows. Helderberg Photographic Society 516 Hermanus Photographic Society 513 Paarl Photographic Club 508 Cape Town Photographic Society 503 Fish Hoek Photographic Society 503 Tygerberg Photographic SocietyContinue reading “Interclub Results”

A workshop in Kirstenbosch

I received this e-mail about a workshop that might interest those members not making the trek to Bredasdorp for the air show on that day. Dear Photography Enthusiasts, Below please find information on the next course that we will be offering.  Please do circulate amongst your club members as we would be delighted to haveContinue reading “A workshop in Kirstenbosch”