Monitor Calibration – do we really need it?

OutdoorPhoto have an article on monitor calibration on their site. It begins thus, I have been wanting to tackle this question for some time now and have been pondering the answer and from which angle to handle it. A recent conversation brought it to a head, though. so here goes: If: Colour is perceived differentlyContinue reading “Monitor Calibration – do we really need it?”

Photo masterclasses

BBC Wildlife have made their twelve-part Photo Masterclass tutorial series available for download. They say; Welcome to the complete collection of our Photo Masterclasses. Just click on the images below to download a PDF of each masterclass and your photography skills will soon improve with our experts’ advice. Click here to visit their page andContinue reading “Photo masterclasses”

March Winners

Here are the winners of the March competition for which the set subject was Urban Decay. Please note that only digital images are available for display. Prints Set Subject Décor by Eskom  Paddy Howes  Stone Town Decay  Paddy Howes Old Chain in the Harbour Neels Beyers Open Na die Oes in die Overberg  Neels Beyers Continue reading “March Winners”

REPORT: CLUB MEETING Wed. 10th March 2010

At least 40 members and guests arrived for the competition meeting – the Set Subject being ‘Urban Decay’.  As Bernard previously said – it is not so easy to find ‘urban decay’ in this lovely city of ours … while he was out shooting he met a graffiti artist who has promised to take him andContinue reading “REPORT: CLUB MEETING Wed. 10th March 2010”

Helpful Photography Cheat Sheets to Make Your Life Easier

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, sometimes we all need our memory jogged. It’s never a bad idea to have some convenient references handy just in case. I have listed what I think are some helpful cheat sheets to keep in your camera bag. Helpful Photography Cheat Sheets to Make Your Life Easier

Three Ways to Control Depth of Field

Depth of field (DOF) refers to the amount of a scene in the “sharp” range. Shallow DOF is typically characterized by heavily blurred backgrounds that you might see in outdoor portraits. Deep focus (opposite of shallow DOF) is typically characterized by tack sharp landscapes with no visible blur. The most widely accepted method for controllingContinue reading “Three Ways to Control Depth of Field”