Report: AGM/Gala Evening Wed.10th Dec.’08

A good crowd arrived (some with partners in tow) for our AGM/Gala Evening on a warm Wednesday evening.  It was great to see a few ‘long-lost’ members such as Lanz von Horsten (invariable away on some safari or other ….) and Martin Lyons (usually on a ‘project’ somewhere).  Nettie welcomed everyone and got the evening started by going straight into the Chairman’s Report (the short version is to be found elsewhere on this blog), which was well-received by the members.  One particularly pleasant ceremony took place – that of conferring Honorary Membership on Nicole Palmer!

During the break, fabulous eats and drinks were consumed, and lively conversations held.

Steve had put together an audio-visual of members’ images submitted during the year, and it just brought home to me the outstanding work that our members do – well done!

It was fun to see the HPS AV made by Irmel some years ago … we had a good laugh!

A number of other audio-visuals were shown, before everyone left, well satisfied with the evening.

Honorary Membership

nicole1At our Gala Evening in December ’08, Nicole Palmer was awarded Honorary Membership of HPS – an honor she now shares with Freeman Patterson, Colla Swart, Antenie Carstens, JJ van Heerden, Paddy Howes and Piet Steyn.  A past chairman of HPS, Nicole is well-known for the popular workshops she presents in Namibia and Stellenbosch – ‘Desertlight’ and ‘Dance of Light’.  She is an excellent teacher, and is always willing to help out at the club, be it with evaluating or presenting a lecture.  She was a good sport when we had some fun conferring the award upon her – thank you Nicole, and Congratulations!