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Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk – Stellenbosch

Further to our article elsewhere on this blog, advertising the Scott Kelby Photo Walk in Cape Town, it is pleasing to be able to inform you that Sanet of Stellenbosch has organised a walk starting in Dorp Street, Stellenbosch.  The even takes place on Saturday 18th July, and if you are interested, please go to the following websites:  http://worldwidephotowalk.com  and http://worldwidephotowalk.com/stellenbosch-wc-za.  Please register as soon as possible.  It is great fun and takes only a few hours of the morning.  All images get sent to Scott Kelby, who selects the best to be shown on his website.

Digital Asset Management & Adobe Lightroom v2 course

I received this information in an e-mail and knowing there are some members new to Lightroom who may be struggling, thought I’d pass it along.

Digital Asset Management & Adobe Lightroom v2 CPT
Presented by
Riaan van den Berg in association with Outdoorphoto

I have been overwhelmed with people wanting me to do the course in the Western Cape and depending on further interest I will schedule 1 or more workshops in Stellenbosch. I am looking for the best date in September/October to hold the workshops, if you are interested in possibly attending let me know (no obligation) what date would suite you best, (19 Sept / 26 Sept / 17 Oct / 24 Oct) I will use this information and feedback I receive from photographers in Cape Town to compile the best date/s and publish the course on the Outdoorphoto website

If you are currently using Lightroom or want to use Lightroom and want to maximize your investment this course is for you

More Info

Venue: Stellenbosch on a Saturday from 9am to 8pm

Join your fellow photographers in exploring the intricate world of digital asset management. You will be amazed and enlightened by presentations and demonstrations given in a refreshingly understandable style. You will also be able to do-it-yourself on your own laptop should you choose to, but it is not essential.

For a complete schedule and availability contact Riaan van den Berg asap on 0845854855 or Riaan.vandenberg@gijima.com to ensure your spot and avoid disappointment. Course fee payment ensures your reservation.

Course fee is R950 per person and includes all refreshments and a fully catered lunch

Some of the Course Content: The Benefits of Sound Digital Asset Management, Rules of Sound Digital Asset Management, Planning (or re-planning) your Directory Structure, Browsers versus cataloging software, Communication between DAM applications, Storage media, Operating system, File formats, Bucketing for Backups, Catalogs, Working with more than 1 Camera, Image Renumbering, Working with RAW vs JPEG, DNG as a Workflow and Archiving Solution, Noise and Grain, Sharpening, Noise Reduction, Why Adobe Lightroom ?, Importing, How does Lightroom integrate with other Adobe products ?, Collections and Quick Collections, Color labels, Using Filters, Setting up your ratings system, Key wording, Keyword Searching, Metadata Browsing, Digital Development, Retouch and Restore, Exporting Photos, Everything you ever wanted to know about LCD monitors
AND much much more……

Riaan van den Berg

Cell: 084 585 4855
E-Mail: Riaan.vandenberg@Gijima.com


Tony Bridge is offering a workshop (maximum 12 people) to be run in Stellenbosch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3rd, 4th and 5th of July, 2009.

To find out more about it, please contact Marthinus Retief at marthinus.retief@wspgroup.co.za asap.  First come, first served!

Competition Meeting Wed. 10th June ’09

Over 50 members and guests arrived for our competition meeting (set subject ‘Vertical Lines’), and with over 120 prints and digital images to be judged by our overseas guest judge – Tony Bridge from New Zealand – there was no time for dithering!  First of all, though, we congratulated Nicole Palmer who has been awarded two months as ‘Artist in Residence’ in Paris – offered by the SA Arts Association. She fully deserves this accolade and trust she will have a magnificent time.

Tony Bridge is on his second visit to SA, and we were very happy that he agreed to do judging duties on the evening.  It was quite stressfull to be the only judge, and we thank him for his input.  Steve has posted results elsewhere on the blog.  After tea, Tony showed us a few of his audio-visuals showing the dramatic landscapes of New Zealand – he is a master of the ‘big landscape’.  He also spoke about ‘The 7 pictures on your coffin’ … an exercise where a photographer selects 7 of his own pictures which would represent him at his funeral.  Obviously the pictures might still change before the photographer’s demise, but it is an interesting project none the less!  Tony kept up the pace, and we very much thank him for sharing his photography with us.

Understanding the basics of Sharpening in Photoshop

Helen Bradley – Pro Photoshop and Photography: Understanding the basics of Sharpening in Photoshop

Sharpening is one of those everyday tasks that most photos can benefit from. In this post I’ll explain what sharpening is, when you should perform it and how to do it. The information here, although it is explained using Photoshop, is relevant to all photo editing programs

June Competition Winners

Here are the winners of the June competition for which the set subject was Vertical Lines. Tony Bridge, a professional photographer and teacher from New Zealand was our guest judge this evening.

Please note that only digital images are available for display.


Set Subject

  1. Water
    Neels Beyers
  2. Line Impressions
    Paddy Howes
  3. Blue Gums
    Liz Atkins


  1. White Flight
    Paddy Howes
  2. Reflection
    Nettie Warncke
  3. Skoorsteen Veêr
    Neels Beyers

Projected Images

Set Subject

  1. Autumn Vineyard
    Rosie Burton
  2. Dripping
    Steve Crane
  3. Oak Forest
    Denise Whiteford

1. Autumn Vineyard2. Dripping3. Oak Forest


  1. Stone Waves
    Johan Beyers
  2. Spirit of the Seas
    Marthinus Retief
  3. Kubu Rocks
    Paddy Howes

1. Stone Waves2. Spirit of the Seas3. Kubu Rocks

An excellent portfolio

Chris Joubert sent in a link to the PBase portfolio of Sean McHugh, which he feels is excellent and may be of interest to other members.